Ask the Expert

Human Resources

Ask the Expert: Catherine Honey

Catherine Honey is the VP of Strategic Partner Relations for SafeGuard World International and has
over 25 years of experience in business globalization and compliance

Ask the Expert: Drew Blaskoski
Drew Blaskoski is a Certified Information Privacy Professional (CIPP/E) at OneTrust– a global leader in privacy management software. In his role, Drew assists not for profits, charitable organizations and religious institutions with their regulatory and compliance efforts through leveraging the OneTrust platform

Ask the Expert: Lynne Cripe

Lynne Cripe is Director of Resilience Services at The KonTerra Group, a leading provider of staff care and resilience services to the international humanitarian and development community.  At KonTerra, she provides strategic direction for KonTerra’s staff care and resilience services.  As a social psychologist with 20 years’ experience in international relief and development, she has particular expertise working with organizations and individuals to foster resilience in the face of challenges and crises.  She frequently works with organizations on issues of critical incident response, crisis communications, psychological first aid, family liaison support and prevention of and response to gender-based violence within organizations.

Ask the Expert: Jay Taylor
Jay is the senior vice president and Global Benefits Unit leader in Lockton’s New York City office. In this role charge of the global benefit consulting team, strategy, marketing and global benefit consulting services.

Ask the Expert: Mike Kelly

For the past eight years working at AHT Insurance, Mike's core focus has been on helping international development organizations identify and manage travel risk and implement the appropriate plans, procedures and insurance needed. He dedicates a significant amount of time to identifying the appropriate assistance providers and insurers to ensure clients are meeting duty of care requirements and staff and travelers are protected – a fundamental goal of organizations with a mission to do good in the world.

Finance, Grants & Contracts

Ask the Expert: Ryan D. Byrd
Ryan D. Byrd is a Managing Director in the BRG Government Contracts Consulting Practice.  He has experience in both government contracting, commercial industries, as well as grant and cooperative agreement recipients in the not-for-profit and NGO fields.