Navigating the Community

How To:

  1. Search the Community
  2. Post a Question/Share Information
  3. Manage Your Email Subscriptions
  4. Reply to a Question or Message Posted to an eGroup by Email


How to Search the Community:


Thanks to member discussions in the eGroups, resources in the Operational Excellence Library, and Community Announcements, the InsideNGO Member Community is filled with the information and resources you need, available when you need it.


It's easy to quickly search the entire Member Community from any page on the site by entering a search word(s) using the Global Search Box.



Step One: Enter your search term and hit ENTER or click on the magnifying glass.

Step Two: Results appear! 


How to Post a Question/Share Information:


eGroup Discussion Forums allow members to ask questions and get answers and advice in a convenient, online format. eGroups are also searchable, organized, and keep responses online, instead of cluttering your inbox. Use this guide to post your own questions on the eGroups.


Step One: Click Discussions from the menu bar.

Step Two: Select the eGroup you would like this Question/Information posted to. If you would like to "Cross Post" to a second community, select the additional community under "Cross Post To."

Step Three: Write your Subject line and write your question/information. If you would like to upload a document to supplement your post, you may do so by clicking the 'Attach' button.

Step Four: Be sure to hit 'Send'


Note: To post to an eGroup, you must first join it. See instructions on "How to Join an eGroup"



How to Manage Your Email Subscriptions:



Select the eGroups you would like to join and how often you'd like to receive email updates.

  • Real Time: Instant email every time a message is posted
  • Daily Digest: One daily email of all activity for the eGroup
  • No Email: Receive no email notification of eGroup messages. Instead, return to the Member Community regularly to review new postings.
  • Plain Text: For users unable to receive HTML-rich email messages on their primary device.


To change the frequency of receiving any eGroup discussion posts:

  • Go to: My Home at Top of Member Community Home Page
  • Select: My Email Subscriptions
  • Edit the frequency as desired


How to Reply to a Question or Message Posted to an eGroup by Email:


Step One: Once a new question or message is posted on an eGroup you are subscribed to, you will receive an e-mail.

Step Two: Each of these emails will have two options: 


Step Three: Select Reply to Group or, to send a private message, select "Reply to Sender"