First Time User Tips

We've put together the tips and resources below to help you navigate, collaborate, and get the most out of the online Member Community.

Steps to Get Started

For Members

STEP 1:  Update your Member Community profile with your background information and a photo (optional) -so other members can learn more about you. 
  Choose how you wish other members to contact you in My Settings

STEP 3:  Join Member Community eGroup(s) in your professional area of practice or of interest. Core groups include: Finance/Grants/Contracts, Human Resources; Information Systems/Technology; Legal; and Cross Operations. There are several Special Interest groups to select from as well. 
STEP 4:  Post a question or share information!
STEP 5:  Explore resources using the keyword search above or search the Operational Excellence library
STEP 6:  Share templates, tools, and resources in our Operational Excellence library by sending it to!

For additional guidance on any of the above steps, click on the "Help" tab and go to "Navigate the Community"

If you have any questions, email