Humentum Group Purchasing Program

Make Every Dollar Count

Save Money on Thousands of Items from Trusted, Preferred Vendors

We are pleased to start offering an exciting new member benefit in 2020: a group purchasing program specifically for Humentum member organizations. A Leadership Group comprised of Humentum, our member organizations, and Vendor Centric, a vendor management partner, are working together to implement competitively-bid discounted group purchasing contracts. We are thrilled to be able to offer these competitive pricing opportunities to you, our members, on the following options.

Visit the pages today to download the full, free resource packs, exclusive for Humentum members:

The benefits to our members include:

Lower prices/Greater negotiating power
Increasing the overall purchase volume with more member organizations participating in the Group Purchasing Program will enable lower negotiated prices for the goods or services purchased over what could be obtained by individual member organizations working alone. While not guaranteed, these savings are usually considerable, with estimates ranging from 5% to 15% savings or more.

Ensure compliance

By participating in these competitively bid contracts, each member organization will be compliant with the regulations of their major funding organizations. Relevant compliance requirements will be included in the RFP requirements and each vendor contract. Each member organization will have access to the documentation needed to demonstrate compliance to their auditors.

Process economies
When we come together, we can share information about suppliers, new technologies and market knowledge, as well as past purchasing experiences. The end result is eliminating redundancy in the supply chain, as well as reduced transaction costs and achievement of far greater process economies.

Reduced workload
Since the program administrator will manage all stages in the life cycle of contracts on behalf of our group, our membership organizations will benefit from a reduction in their procurement workload and are free to refocus on more strategic, mission-critical activities.

Together We Are Stronger
With the support and guidance of the Leadership Group, we will be able to improve the purchasing efficiencies and savings for all Humentum members, including smaller NGOs. The combined efforts of this group of leaders will contribute to your organization being able to save time and money, allowing more time to focus on your critical missions.