Community Facilitator Program

The Community Facilitator Program

Humentum is welcoming Connect users to join Connect's Community Facilitator Program

We're looking for people who are active on the platform to help us grow Humentum Connect in the best way, and to help us make sure it offers the community as much as it possibly can. 

You, the people who make up Connect's community, are our key experts, and we want that expertise at the heart of everything the community does.

Are you interested in joining the Community Facilitator program? Get in touch today.

    The number of facilitators we have the capacity to work with is limited. We aim to collaborate with people in a diverse range of areas of expertise. That said, there will always be space for collaboration in other forms, so don't hesitate to reach out, even if you haven't been active on the platform before. 

    Our Community Facilitators

    Tina Pritt

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    Tina is a contracts, grants, and compliance specialist with a decade of experience supporting primarily USAID-funded programs in navigating the often murky regulatory waters. She’s particularly passionate about practical, user-focused resources and approaches that balance the realities of both compliance and program implementation, and believes compliance professionals should be a key partner in solving tough problems – not creating them.

    Tina has benefitted greatly from the shared expertise of her peers on Connect and is eager to engage with and guide others however possible; we’re all in this together!  

    Sergey Hayrapetyan

    Sergey Hayrapetyan

    Sergey is an economist with extensive experience in general and program management, systems design, operations (including supply chain), and governance, risk, and compliance. His journey to relief and development work started when he was 11, when he witnessed the destructive earthquake in Armenia that took more than 25,000 lives. Living in the disaster zone, he received humanitarian aid as part of the international response. Inspired by the power of giving and kindness in response to the immediate need, he began volunteering, and later, working for humanitarian relief agencies. 

    Sergey works with CRS leading the design, application, and oversight of meaningful, applied, and responsible risk management and compliance systems. Through continuous improvement, his focus is on balancing risk mitigation with efficiency for operational excellence. 

    Sergey is a long time Connect community leader who, through sharing a stunning depth of expertise and experience, has brought members priceless assistance through the years.

    Joe Bucher

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    Joe is an accomplished IT Director that has been working in the Information Technology Space for 25 years. 

    His career spans the Military, Healthcare, and now the Non-Profit Humanitarian fields. He has been working with CORE to improve how technology is used in the organization, integrating systems and data, securing endpoints and access, improving deployment technology, and developing an application.

    Joe’s philosophy is to look at how organizations can continue to improve on their use of technology in their processes and make sure we spend the time to do it correctly the first time.

    Joe enjoys participating in triathlon events and has completed 14 full Ironman distance races.  He spends his other free time reading, spending time with his spouse of 29 years and his children’s families, and traveling (if you have a destination recommendation, Joe would love to hear it).


    Stephanie Mlynar

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    Stephanie has over 15 years of experience working on operational compliance for international development organizations both at the HQ and country level.

    A French and Spanish speaker, she has worked on development, implementation and training of procurement policies and practices, ethics education, reporting and investigations, anti-terrorism protection policies, and a variety of other compliance areas with a strong focus on training.

    She enjoys finding ways to make complex regulations something staff and partners can understand and implement in a feasible manner wherever they are.