Get Started with Humentum Connect

Get Started with Humentum Connect

Humentum Connect is Humentum's networking and collaboration platform. It hosts over 8,000 verified international relief and development professionals.

Request Access

Everyone working for a Humentum Member Organization can join Humentum Connect. We verify membership using official organization email domains, so be sure to sign up with your work email address.

You can request access to Connect by entering your details here.

We'll verify that you work for a Humentum member organization within one working day and will send through an email so you can set a password and access your user account.

Set Up Your Profile

Let people know who you are - setting up a profile and adding a photo, will help you to better connect with colleagues from within the sector all around the world.

You can access your profile through your photo or icon in the top right corner, or by following this link.

Join Communities

Connect’s communities are where all the connecting happens. There are a variety of communities, mainly split up between areas of expertise and sector-relevant topics. You can join as many as you like.

In addition, there are some closed communities. If you believe you should have access to these, get in touch with us at

Take a look at the communities Connect has to offer here, and if you'd like to follow us through on an example, check out the video below.

Start and Reply to Threads

You have vital knowledge and experience to offer the community, and any contribution you make to this platform could be make a serious positive impact on the work more than 8000 of your colleagues are doing around the world. 

You can take a look at all our discussions here, and if you have a question or something to share, go ahead and start a discussion thread. And if you want to see that in action, check out the video we've put together below.

Share Resources

Connect hosts a deep and diverse range of vital, sector-relevant resources. You can find through using the search function or by going through community libraries, and our OpEx Library contains foundational and niche resources of high value.