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USAID/M/OAA: Electronic Signing Solution Available to USAID Partners

  • 1.  USAID/M/OAA: Electronic Signing Solution Available to USAID Partners

    Posted 05-13-2022 08:31
    Please note the following from USAID/M/OAA re electronic signatures: 

    Dear Partners,

    Starting in May 2021, USAID launched a new electronic signature process for all Acquisition and Assistance staff that will streamline the document sharing and signing process with partners, while increasing security. The DocuSign platform was selected to serve as the Agency's digital signature tool and to integrate with existing USAID systems. This approach to the current method of signing documents will shorten the time required to process awards and eliminate the need for printing, physical signing, and scanning on the part of partner organizations.  Please note that the Agency will continue to accept hard copy signatures and other methods that are currently used at your request.

    As prompted by USAID's Management Agency's Office of Acquisition and Assistance (M/OAA), this new electronic signing solution is available for partners conducting business with USAID.  

    If you elect to use the new signature process, and already have a account, no action is needed on your part other than informing your Agreement Officer or Contracting Officer of who will be signing the document upon their request. Many of you may already have a account to access Agency applications, including the Development Information Solution (DIS). If you do not have a account, no software is needed to utilize this tool.  As a partner, all you must do is:

    1. Set up a account; (takes less than a minute) 
    2. When an M/OAA member sends you a document to sign, open the document via the email link; and
    3. Authenticate with your account and sign the document when prompted.  

    It's that simple.

    If you experience issues accessing your account, please see the Help Center to reset your password. 

    For any other questions or issues signing a specific document, contact the Agreement Officer, Contracting Officer, or the sender of the document.  They will be able to edit a document, update recipients, or may contact the USAID M/CIO Help Desk for further assistance. 

    The electronic signature process, built on the DocuSign platform, is the most secure way to send and sign documents through the eSign portal and reduces the sending / receiving of documents.  We believe the adoption of the eSign Portal and new digital signing feature will be seamless for your teams.  If you have any questions, please refer to the USAID Digital Signature Page.

    Thank you all in advance for ensuring a successful rollout of this important new Agency solution.

    Luis Rivera
    Acting Director
    Office of Acquisition and Assistance

    Cynthia Smith
    Director, Government Affairs and Advocacy