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This is a channel that we use to keep members in the loop about the latest policy documents and developments. Our work in advocacy cuts across all areas of expertise and impacts all of our members.

Our Director of Government Affairs & Advocacy, Cynthia Smith, and our Advocacy Manager, Jenna Thoretz, post regular updates so our members are alerted to changes in the sector as they happen. We encourage everyone who joins Connect to become part of this community and to keep up to date with the information shared here. Posts to this community go live on our website, and you may wish to use the anonymous posting option if you have a question to ask here.

Operationalizing Locally-Led Development: Innovative Financing Webinar-- Wednesday 9/7

  • 1.  Operationalizing Locally-Led Development: Innovative Financing Webinar-- Wednesday 9/7

    Posted 09-05-2022 08:55
    Join us on Wednesday, September 7th for the next installment in our Operationalizing Locally-Led Development webinar series!

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    In this webinar, we will discuss financing practices that support and further locally-led development. Innovative finance for development (IF4D) encompasses a broad range of tools and approaches that go "beyond a traditional grant that mobilizes new capital and/or improves the efficiency or effectiveness of existing capital to tackle social and environmental problems." While innovative finance can represent new funding opportunities, InterAction argues that "the true potential of innovative finance is in its ability to change incentive structures, improve program delivery, and provide new solutions to development challenges."  This webinar will focus on various approaches to IF4D and how they can be specifically utilized to support local and national NGOs.

    Moderator- Dr. Christine Sow, CEO, Humentum 

    • Chidi Koldsweat, Founder and CEO, Donors for Africa Foundation 
    • Elina Sarkisova, Senior Manager Innovative Finance, Resonance  
    • Jenny Hodgson, Executive Director, Global Fund for Community Foundations 
    • Dr. Charles Benjamin, former President and CEO of the Near East Foundation 

      Jenna Thoretz
      Government Affairs and Advocacy Intern