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This is a channel that we use to keep members in the loop about the latest policy documents and developments. Our work in advocacy cuts across all areas of expertise and impacts all of our members.

Our Director of Government Affairs & Advocacy, Cynthia Smith, and our Advocacy Manager, Jenna Thoretz, post regular updates so our members are alerted to changes in the sector as they happen. We encourage everyone who joins Connect to become part of this community and to keep up to date with the information shared here. Posts to this community go live on our website, and you may wish to use the anonymous posting option if you have a question to ask here.

USAID Updates: Risk Appetite, Local Capacity Strengthening, Africa...and more!

  • 1.  USAID Updates: Risk Appetite, Local Capacity Strengthening, Africa...and more!

    Posted 4 days ago
    Dear members,

    Recently, we've seen a number of exciting updates from USAID. On Monday the 19th, the International Peace Institute hosted a webinar titled: Doing Aid Better: Actions to Support Local Leadership in Policy, Funding, and Practice. Administrator Power was a panelist, and gave several updates on locally-led development at USAID. You can read her speech here. 
    1. As we've been expecting, Administrator Power officially announced the creation of a Centroamerica Local-type initiative based in sub-Saharan Africa. We can expect more details in the coming months.
    2. USAID has released an updated version of their Risk Appetite Statement. The new version reflects USAID's growing commitment to engaging with and funding local partners directly, as well as new language related to climate risk, and diversity, equity, and inclusion.  Check it out here.
    3. Power re-confirmed that we can expect the updated Local Capacity Strengthening (formerly the Local Capacity Development) policy next month.
    In addition to these updates,  USAID recently released a draft guide to collecting beneficiary feedback and has invited interested parties to submit comments. Humentum is collecting member comments, particularly in relation to the guide's implications for locally-led development, equitable development, and partnerships between implementing organizations and affected populations. Please reach out to us with your thoughts, reactions, or concerns regarding the policy (

    Finally, we're always open to and collecting feedback on how any of these changes and updates may impact you and your organization. If you have any questions, concerns, or want to raise any potential unintended consequences, please reach out.

    Jenna Thoretz
    Government Affairs and Advocacy Intern