Government Affairs and Advocacy

Government Affairs and Advocacy

What is Humentum doing with advocacy on Connect?

Humentum advocates on behalf of its members for reforms that facilitate the efficient, effective, and equitable operationalization of humanitarian and development interventions.

Our advocacy team is always active here on Connect. Connect allows us to keep in constant contact with our members, sharing useful resources, policy updates, and staying tuned-in to your challenges and priorities.

Connect is a vital tool. It allows us to be both proactive, in sharing information within Humentum's network of international relief and development organizations, and also reactive, in monitoring communities, communicating with the sector professionals who are active on the platform, and using that to frame and inform our advocacy work.

Why does it matter to me?

Humentum's work on advocacy cuts across all areas of expertise and impacts all of our members. We are here to bring the community together, and we rely on our community of members for our gravitas in the pursuit of meaningful change in the sector. Together, we make the sector better, and no matter what your work entails or how removed you may believe yourself to be from advocacy, your perspective, your challenges, and your hopes are key to our advocacy work.

Our Government Affairs and Advocacy community is a channel that we use to keep members in the loop about the latest policy documents and developments. Our Director of Government Affairs & Advocacy, Cynthia Smith, posts regular updates so our members are alerted to changes in the sector as they happen. We encourage everyone who joins Connect to become part of that community and to keep up to date with the information shared there. This is the only Connect community on view publicly, with a live feed of activity coming through on

Humentum’s unique, global perspective allows us to work across the sector and collaborate with donor agencies, INGOs, and local organizations to make humanitarian assistance as equitable and effective as possible. We communicate our members’ needs to US and UK government donor agencies to encourage systemic, evidence-based policy solutions. Connect is an easy way for you to feed into those activities, a means through which we can all come together to make the sector better.

Where can I learn more?

If you're looking to dive further into Humentum's work on advocacy, go to our 'Influencing Policy' section on our main website. The next thing to do is to get in touch with us - post a message in one of our communities, reach out to someone from Humentum directly here on Connect, or send Cynthia an email at