Join Connect's Volunteer Program

Humentum works to make global development more equitable, accountable, and resilient.

Humentum Connect is our collaboration and networking platform. This is where we bring all of our member organizations together to pursue that aim as one whole, instead of many separated parts.

Your support and participation is what makes our work impactful.

We are actively looking for Connect users to join our volunteer program to help us make this platform the best it can be.

Our community leaders move Connect forward as a space for collaboration, problem solving, innovation, and guiding the sector through shifting contexts.

Get in touch with us at connect@humentum.org and we can work with you to find a Connect Project that suits you. This could include exercises like:

  • Starting a particular discussion in one of our communities

  • Helping us update and add to our resource libraries

  • Briefing the community on a roundtable or webinar

  • Utilizing your expertise and experience in an AMA or blog post

Other ideas and suggestions are welcome - if there's something you think you could add, let us know.

To volunteer with Humentum Connect is to take a leadership role within the community, and to help us ensure the platform continues to be shaped by the needs of Humentum members and Connect's users. Do you want to be a Connect leader? Get in touch today.

Thank you all so much for being part of this amazing community, and we very much look forward to working with you more closely.